“I don’t understand grace. Much like my thoughts on peacefulness, I have a hard time with grace. I feel like I need to earn it, yet God wants to just give me grace for free.” 

-The Wandering Beloved

The Wandering Beloved

A book about coming back to the heart of God

Wanna know what the problem is? It’s God. Deep down inside, in that quiet place in our heart and soul, the problem is we don’t know if he is real. I was betrayed by the church, hurt by the leaders and the ones I looked up too, and embarassed about how “Christians” behave. So I walked away. For more than a decade I left it all behind, I didn’t need God. I equated all the hurt and bitterness the church had caused me with God. But that’s not God. After a decade focused on my career, my wealth, my happiness, my desires, I found myself on a wild adventure with God. Through the army, coaching professional hockey in Europe, helping victims of war in Burma, and a long walk in Spain, I slowly began to see the true nature and character of God. He wasn’t into rules and religion, he didn’t want me to memorize the Bible and follow all the traditions, he just wanted my heart. Through my struggle with depression I learned that God is real, not because of some warm fuzzy feeling I had one time, but I actually mathematically concluded that God is real. Want to meet the real Jesus? Want to know if God is really real? Come on an adventure with me.

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