The Wandering Beloved

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This is an amazing account of a modern day apostle.
- Josh

His approach to Christianity is unlike that of many contemporaries.
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Wanna know what the problem is? It’s God. Deep down inside, in that quiet place in our heart and soul, the problem is we don’t know if he is real. I was betrayed by the church, hurt by the leaders and the ones I looked up too, and embarassed about how “Christians” behave. So I walked away. For more than a decade I left it all behind, I didn’t need God. I equated all the hurt and bitterness the church had caused me with God. But that’s not God. After a decade focused on my career, my wealth, my happiness, my desires, I found myself on a wild adventure with God. Through the army, coaching professional hockey in Europe, helping victims of war in Burma, and a long walk in Spain, I slowly began to see the true nature and character of God. He wasn’t into rules and religion, he didn’t want me to memorize the Bible and follow all the traditions, he just wanted my heart. Through my struggle with depression I learned that God is real, not because of some warm fuzzy feeling I had one time, but I actually mathematically concluded that God is real. Want to meet the real Jesus? Want to know if God is really real? Come on an adventure with me.

The Wandering Leader

Leadership isn’t about being perfect; it’s about getting things done. In The Wandering Leader, author David Small, an ice hockey coach who has traveled the world, presents his views about being a leader and a man by growing the most important part of your leadership persona-yourself. The Wandering Leader seeks to help you determine how to dream, give you a road map to accomplish your dreams, and supply the courage to keep taking steps forward once that road map has been blown out the window. To guide you in unleashing the great promise inside of you and make you an amazing leader, it discusses seven different areas of your life: career, finances, social, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and family.

I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an honest, can’t-put-down read that will open your eyes and motivate you to become the best leader you possibly can be.
- Matt

Incredible insight and solid suggestions for the inevitable adversity people face in their lifetime.
- Mitch

This is a rubber hitting the road leadership book, with shared wisdom on overcoming speed bumps along the way.
- Justin

The Hope Project

#1 Bestseller!

Your words gave me hope. Thank You

This book could have saved my husband. It brought many tears, but also much hope.

I don’t think I could write anything within the rest of this review that could let you know how amazing the book is. I think it’s because the entire time that I was reading, every chapter had a little bit of me in it.

One in seven people suffer from depression in the USA. Look at your facebook wall, out of the last seven people to write on your wall, chances are one of them suffers from depression. Or maybe it’s you.

Join author and coach David Small on a journey to discover happiness and getting control of this illness. David has been featured on CBC Radio, Children’s Health and Fitness, and countless other media channels talking about Depression, Leadership and building a Hope Project.

Small Stories

Pay close attention to what is happening in your life. There is a story in everything. Meet Dave, a small-town kid trying to figure out how life works. Join him as he grows up and learns lessons about love, friendship, loss, sports, and everything in between. This is a collection of stories that follow Dave on his journey of growing up. These are heart-warming stories that should be shared by young and old. You’re sure to laugh, cry, and at some point feel as if you’ve been there yourself.

Simple stories that bring you back to your childhood

These stories paint what many children go through. We’re happy to partner with David on this project, and thankful for his willingness to give 100% of the profits to help kids.

Kids Help Phone

I laughed, I cried, and I enjoyed this coming of age story.