Wilderness Canoe Trip Audio Series

Below is the audio of the messages given on the One Hope Canada 2016 Wilderness Canoe Trip. These audio files can be listened to as a series or individually. To play the file, simply click on the link below. To save the file, right click and select Download File (Mac) or Save As (PC). For file or download issues please contact us.

Canoe Trip 1 – The Story We Live In (36:36 mins)

Canoe Trip 2 – The Daily Prayer (27:31 mins)

Canoe Trip 3 – Jesus Really (30:23 mins)

Canoe Trip 4 – The Cry of the Heart (14:01 mins)

Canoe Trip 5 – Transformation (31:21 mins)

Canoe Trip 6 – Intercession Part 1 (20:08 mins)

Canoe Trip 7 – The New Name (31:39 mins)

Canoe Trip 8 – Intercession Part 2 (18:49 mins)

Canoe Trip 9 – Tell Your Story (35:09 mins)

Canoe Trip 10 – Guy/Girl Time (at this point we split the group for gender specific talks. There is no audio from this session.)

Canoe Trip 11 – Who Are You Living To Make Known (29:06 mins)

Canoe Trip 12 – Listening To The Voice of God (25:32 mins)

Canoe Trip 13 – Fathers (32:45 mins)

Canoe Trip 14 – Warfare (25:59 mins)

If you’ve enjoyed these audios please consider supporting Dave’s ministry and work in Thailand. We’d also love to hear from you, tell us which audio you liked best, what moved you, what challenged you, your favourite memory from the canoe trip! Hope to see you out next year!