Mel Who? (Mp3 Download)

Have you ever heard about Melchizedek but aren’t really sure who he is or what he has to do with the story of Jesus? How does this guy impact our lives in the 21st century? Or, maybe you’re not even sure how to say his name right…

Join Dave as he preaches to a live audience at Chiang Mai Community Church. In this message Dave unpacks a little bit about who Melchizedek is, and why his life is important to the story God is telling today. Dave takes a technical passage of scripture, and a technical topic, and aims to broadening your knowledge of Melchizedek and the Bible as a whole! Come along for the ride!

You can download this message FREE – simply enter $0 into the Name Your Price box. Any amount you enter into this box will be treated as a donation to the work that Dave does on the mission field, but don’t feel obligated!

Approximately 33 minutes. 

Resources: Hebrews 5: 1-10, Psalm 110, Genesis 14


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