Prayer that Works (Mp3 Download)

If we’re totally honest, sometimes our prayers feel more like we’re talking to the walls, and for some of us, we’ve been praying the same prayers, the same way, for most of our lives. It’s time to take your prayer life to a new level.

Join Dave as he preaches to a live audience at Off Lake Evangelical Covenant Church. Focusing on three specific types of prayer that connect us with God’s heart, get things done, and begin to train our hearts and ears to hear Jesus speaking to us. Learn how to tune your ear to the gentle whisper of God’s voice, and how to move mountains with your prayers.

You can download this message FREE – simply enter $0 into the Name Your Price box. Any amount you enter into this box will be treated as a donation to the work that Dave does on the mission field, but don’t feel obligated!

Approximately 35 minutes. 


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