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Leadership isn’t about being perfect; it’s about getting things done. In The Wandering Leader, author David Small, an ice hockey coach who has traveled the world, presents his views about being a leader and a man by growing the most important part of your leadership persona-yourself. The Wandering Leader seeks to help you determine how to dream, give you a road map to accomplish your dreams, and supply the courage to keep taking steps forward once that road map has been blown out the window.

To guide you in unleashing the great promise inside of you and make you an amazing leader, it discusses seven different areas of your life: career, finances, social, physical, spiritual, intellectual, and family. But most importantly, it focuses on you and what you have to offer. The Wandering Leader is not a typical book on leadership. Using personal examples from a wide range of people-such as military officers, construction workers, and economics specialists-it shows that you can be a leader in many areas of your life-in friendships, business, and family. It’s not about your job or role; it’s about your character and heart, helping you to pick yourself up after you’ve been kicked in the teeth. “Deeply motivated by your astute truth, I have conquered some of my most difficult obstacles and have you to thank” -Mitch Labreche, helicopter pilot, former BCHL Player

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