The Story We’re Living

Have you ever taken a step back from life and wondered, “what the heck is going on with this world?” I mean just look at the US political system, ISIS, Brexit, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street… just watch any news channel and, every day, you’ll see a new way to ask “what is going on with this world!”

Does your gospel explain the beauty of sunsets but also ISIS?

In this 40 minutes audio Dave unpacks the Story we’re living in. Recorded live on the One Hope Canada Wilderness Canoe Trip in August 2016, this audio will help you understand the story God is telling, and what roll you have to play in it.

Canoe Trip 1 – The Story We Live In

The material or this message is taken from John Eldredge’s book Epic. If you want to dive deeper into this message, check that resource out.