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Get Involved!

Dave needs your help! Currently Dave’s ministry work brings him all over the globe. The majority of his time and year is spent in Southeast Asia (Thailand, Burma and surrounding areas) but he also spends big chunk of time doing ministry work in Canada and Europe. Dave relies on supporters to keep him active in his speaking, writing, travelling and ministry. There are a number of ways that you can get involved.


The first and foremost way that you can support Dave is through prayer. Dave needs you to intervene on his behalf and pray for him. There is always something that needs prayer, and as Oswald Chamber’s says, “we don’t pray for the great work, prayer is the great work.” So if you can commit to praying for Dave on a regular basis that is the best support you can give. Dave also wants to pray for you! If there is something in your life that you need prayer for send it over the contact page and Dave will be praying for you. If you want to get updates on specific ways you can pray and be involved in Dave’s ministry sign up for his newsletter below and you’ll get email updates.


If you feel led to give financially to Dave’s ministry there are a number of ways you can do that – but first, a few notes. Dave relies on financial supporters to allow him to do the work he does, build relationships all over the world, and continue to write and speak. Your generosity and support is needed and appreciated. If you want to see Dave’s annual report on how money that is donated is being spent, then you can request it through our contact page.

You can make a financial contribution in the form of a one-time donation, or a monthly recurring donation. Monthly recurring donations help Dave be financially stable and able to plan his budget, but all donations, big, small, one-time or recurring are greatly appreciated and make a difference in people’s lives. You can send a cheque or money order to the address on our contact page, or you can donate online through our secure store. Thank you so much for your consideration and generosity.

A note about Tax Receipts – Dave is now able to issue tax receipts to Canadian and US donors through Crossworld Ministry. You can make a one-time or recurring donation through Crossworld, and they will issue you a tax receipt that can be claimed on your taxes at the end of the year. Crossworlds is a registered charity in Canada, and a 5o1c3 in the USA.

To make a tax-deductible donation through Crossworlds please click here. Dave’s worker account number with Crossworld is 45102. You can still give through the store on this website, however those donations are not tax-deductible. Note: Crossworld, like all sending agencies, take 12.5% admin fee on all donations. Donations through the store on this website, while not tax deductible are only subject to a 2% credit card processing fee.

Confused yet? No problem. Get in touch with Dave by email smallhockey@gmail.com and he will help you set up your donation. Thank you so much for your generousity!



Misc Items

There are a number of ways that people give and support Dave’s work. While prayer and financial giving is appreciated, some people contact Dave to find out if they can donate any material items to help off-set Dave’s costs. So if you’d like to donate or help with any of the following items get in touch with us;

Current Needs from Dave:

  • a MacBook Air – My laptop is dying!
  • Pay for a course! – Dave is currently midway through a MDiv and if you’re interested in helping him with this you can pay for one of his courses. Each course is about $760 Canadian.

You can also support Dave indirectly through picking up a copy of his books for yourself or a friend, inviting Dave to speak at your next event, or buying Me+ multivitamins from Small World Health.